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+ Hearing Testing
Full-range audiological (hearing) services are provided to individuals of all ages. These services include pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry, immittance audiometry, central auditory processing assessment and auditory evoked response testing.
Hearing test services are performed for the purpose of:

  • identification of type and degree of hearing loss;
  • assessment of need for amplification;
  • hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and orientation;
  • evaluation of need for habilitation / rehabilitation services.

+ Hearing Aid Evaluation
An amplification device is selected following special audiometric and speech tests. Devices are issued for a trial period as part of a total program of aural rehabilitation. Several options for amplification may be evaluated including hearing aids, auditory trainers, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices for telephone, alarm and television use. Family members are encouraged to participate in the selection process. Clients must have medical clearance before they can receive an amplification device. Services are provided by a oto-laryngologist supervised by a certified audiologist.
+ Hearing Aid Orientation
Hearing aids are issued through a state-licensed hearing aid dealer. Following a hearing aid fitting, individualized instruction for the care and use of the hearing aid is provided by an oto-laryngologist and supervising audiologist. A thirty day trial period permits follow-up visits for modifications of the fitting.
+ Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices are available for demonstration. These devices include television amplifying systems, telephone amplifying equipment and alerting devices, specialized alarm clocks, home alerting systems (i.e., doorbell, fire, burglar) as well as personal amplifying devices (i.e., pocket-talker type units).
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