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Best Location

The LSCH Kondapur Clinic has been consciously created to house super specialist care of the highest standards. This is in addition to the ability to treat the regular colds, coughs and fevers.

Super Speciality

Dr Satish Ghanta, Dr Ramana Dandamudi, Dr Mehul Patel with their team of experienced specialists offer tertiary pediatric services.


General Pediatrics,Nephrology, Hemato-oncology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Orthopedics,Neuro Development and Speech & Hearing.

24/7 Ambulance

We handle a range of emergency needs. With specialists on call, the Emergency Services can help you when your are in urgent need.

What causes Stuttering Program?

Stuttering is an involuntary and debilitating neurologically based communicative disorder that afflicts 1% of the population.
Stuttering often causes breakdowns in communication, which lead to negative emotions. Over time, these negative emotions can impede normal communicative functioning and place barriers on social, educational, and vocational aspects of life.
Currently there is no known cause or cure for stuttering. However, with appropriate strategies, stuttering can be managed effectively to minimize its negative impacts.
The Stuttering Treatment Program provides individualized therapy aimed at improving communication, reducing the emotional impact of stuttering, and promoting more fluent speech.

Super Specialist Services for you!
We listen to you. We treat you well.We help in speedy recoveries.

Special Needs

The clinic can handle colds, coughs, and fevers as a routine. It has been specially set up to handle special needs – in neuro development, speech and hearing and more…

Super Specialists

The Clinic has super specialists who have decades of experience and are by nature good listeners and accomplished doctors.

Precise Treatments

Experience helps the doctors to understand the disease situation comprehensively and arrive at a precise diagnosis. Quality time, relevant diagnostics and follow-up.

Modern Clinic

Child friendly, welcoming, well equipped and has been designed to coax the patient(your little star) into being comfortable and at home.